Bath Osteopath Clinic

An Osteopath can help you with…

Back & neck pain

Affecting four out of five people at some times in their lives, this is the
most common complaint treated by osteopaths.
Most cases, whilst painful, are not serious if seen to promptly.
Alison can help you with advice and a diagnosis as well as with treatment.


An osteopath can usually successfully identify and treat the most
common causes of sciatica.

Joint & muscle strain

Shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees and feet

Osteopaths are often associated with treating back pain. However, they also identify and treat the causes of joint and muscle strain and pain in any part of the body including the hips, legs, knees, ankles, feet, wrists, elbows, shoulders, arms and ribs.

Sports injuries
Osteopathic treatment can be of benefit to sports people of all levels. Whether you are trying to get fit but are worried that you may be doing more harm than good, are eager to get back to your sport quickly after injury, or have a problem that is preventing you from performing at your best. Alison is qualified in the use of therapeutic ultrasound, which she often uses in the treatment of sports injuries.

Responsible for a great change in posture, pregnancy can cause back pain and discomfort. Many women find gentle osteopathic treatment can bring relief. It can also help with many of the low back and pelvic problems that may follow childbirth.

Osteoarthritis is the process of wear and tear, usually associated with ageing. Although osteopathy cannot reverse the effect of wear and tear on the joint surfaces, it may offer relief from pain and stiffness,
allowing more general activity with less pain.

Regular check-ups
In the same way that you visit your dentist to reduce the chance
of fillings, regular checks can allow potential problems to be
detected and treated before they develop.
Preventative treatment and advice can be a worthwhile
investment in your long-term health and comfort.


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