Bath Osteopath Clinic

“Pay attention: osteopathy works!”

“I´ve been three times now, and Alison(Temple-Smith) has straightened me out. She´s so pleased with my progress that she says I don´t need to come any more. That´s a shame, because I´ve been loving it – but it´s also the mark of an honest woman, don´t you think? She´s very reassuring, is Alison…cordial, business-like, in charge…someone who sticks steadfastly to the twin, old-fashioned ideas that, number one, physical problems often require physical solutions, and number two, she knows more about these problems and solutions than I do. Upper back pain is very common in people who do desk jobs, she said, I see it all the time. This brisk, even brusque, rather boring diagnosis had the unshakeable merit of being absolutely true. She prodded and probed, pushed and pummelled, got a couple of satisfying clicks out of my seized-up back, wrote down a couple of exercises for me to do at home and sent me on my way. No problems since. I hesitate to use the word but, well, I think Alison has cured me.”
Robert Crampton, The Times

“Alison is very positive in her approach, and is fully expert in all aspects of possible problems in pregnancy. She has helped me with long standing back issues, as well as those that have flared up during pregnancy such as bursitis and a hyper-mobile sacroiliac joint. She also advises on practicalities such as buggy types, bras, changing tables etc, as well as suggesting exercises to maintain flexibility.”
Rebecca Kilgarriff, Actress

“Alison has an innate understanding of an injured human body and the best way to aid its repair. She works gently but expertly providing exercises to help maintain good movement patterns and reduce the likelihood of problems reoccurring. She is professional and approachable. I have always felt my Pilates clients are in good hands. Osteopathy and Pilates work well together and it is off great benefit to my clients that they are treated by someone who understands and uses Pilates herself. I enjoy working with Alison and she has made a huge difference to many of the people who regularly attend my classes. I have overly mobile joints and tried physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment after I was injured at work. Both helped but I couldn´t do without weekly sessions which just wasn´t practical or affordable. It wasn´t until I was treated by Alison that I found the long term answer and really started to heal from my injury. Often just one treatment with Alison is enough combined with her exercise advice to get me pain free. She has really helped me get in control of my injury in a way that made sense to me and worked more in tune with my body.”
Karyn Chappell (Radiographer and pilates teacher)

“I have seen Alison intermittently over the last eight years for problems with my low back, neck and ribs. What I have always appreciated is Alison´s succinct diagnosis, that she is very easy to talk to during treatment and that her estimation of how many sessions it will take to sort things out are nearly 100% accurate.”
Dr David Guile, Senior lecturer, University of London

“I´ve been seeing Alison now for 2 years for a disc problem, and am experiencing much more movement and increasingly less pain, almost none in my low back. A regular visit certainly makes a difference.”
Neil Mackenzie, Chef

“I have been having regular treatments with Alison for over five years now. Having quarterly appointments has allowed Alison to keep my back in very good order, and she has also helped me with other problems, noticing the signs early and providing preventative treatment before chronic issues set in.”
Robin Myerscough-Walker

“What I appreciate most is that Alison takes a holistic approach to working with me and I come away from each session feeling better aligned in the whole of my body, regardless of the specific ´quirk´ or injury I´ve come with. I´ve sought Alison´s support, advice and intervention both with acute injuries, chronic discomfort and for general ´body MOTs´, the latter of which really help to keep me moving freely in everyday activities and, I´m sure, are preventative of future problems. Alison´s integration of pilates principles and exercises with her osteopathic treatment has also been inspirational in my training to be a pilates teacher.”
Jo Homewood